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Reflexology is an ancient 

practice based on the principle that reflex points on the feet correspond to areas throughout the body. Gentle manipulation of these points can help bring balance to the mind and body. 

Following your consultation and aromatic foot soak,  I use gentle pressure to work over the entire foot.  I record and discuss the reflex responses found.  The treatment is then concluded with a 

foot massage (aromatherapy optional).  

The benefits of reflexology can include relief from stress, anxiety and tension, deep relaxation and improved sleep. 

 It can also aid recovery from illness and is very beneficial in the final weeks of pregnancy (please speak to your Doctor/Midwife)

Reflexology can also be done on the hands or face (see Facial Reflexology).

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Facial Reflexology

Facial Reflexology has its roots in the Far East in China and Japan.  I use Dien Cham techniques which were developed by acupuncturists in Vietnam.  

It is a non-invasive treatment, in which the client lays fully clothed on the therapy couch.   I use the  gentle pressure of my fingers to stimulate energy points on the face.  The treatment is concluded with a  face and scalp massage.  Facial reflexology can also be added into a facial or a body massage treatment.  It is a deeply relaxing treatment, which relieves tension and stress in the face & head and will leave you feeling energised.

Your first session will be a standard treatment, concentrating on balancing and relaxation.  If you have particular issues, ie headaches, sinus problems or hayfever, a longer prescriptive treatment can be offered for your next session.

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Body Massage

Experience the healing power of touch with a soothing and relaxing body massage.  Some of the benefits of massage include a reduction in muscle stiffness, increased joint mobility as well as feelings of relaxtion and improved wellbeing.

Your massage treatment will begin with a consultation to ensure the treatment is suitable for you.  A skin nourishing massage oil will be chosen based on your skin type.

I place a strong emphasis on the comfort and relaxation of my clients during their massage treatments.

I use a combination of techniques including traditional Swedish & Thai massage, to stretching and release movements and targeting areas of tension.  Because I like to put  the emphasis on deep relaxation and enhancing wellbeing, I tend to use a more relaxing medium pressure rather than very firm deep tissue pressure.  If you like a very firm massage I may not be the right Therapist for you.  

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Aromatherapy aims to treat the whole person by helping to restore the harmony of mind, body and spirit.

Adding aromatherapy oils to your massage greatly enhances the benefits of the treatment.  These aromatic and therapeutic oils create a feeling of deep relaxtion and have a lasting effect on the mind, body and soul.  

Aromatherapy massage uses a lighter pressure to create a more deeply relaxing experience.  This is a wonderful soothing and calming treatment for anyone suffering from stress, tension and anxiety.

I am a trained aromatherapist and will create a blend of oils specifically to suit your individual needs, whether physical or emotional.  

Aromatherapy is suitable for most people but a detailed consultation will be carried out prior to treatment to ensure it is suitable for you.

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Lava Shell Therapies

Lava Shells are the world's first self heating massage tool,  using handcrafted porcelain Tiger Clam shells &  natural Cowrie shells, the gems of the sea.  An indulgent and truly pampering massage that induces deep relaxation whilst easing muscle and joint aches and pains.  The combination of heat, the smooth contours of the shells and the therapists hands creates the ultimate massage.  The gentle heat within the shells warm your muscles making them more receptive to massage. The addition of the signature Sensory Retreat oil allows you to drift into relaxation in a tranquil & sensory massage experience.

  • Lava Shells Relax - the ultimate calming experience
  • Lava Shell Warming Back - fantastic for soothing aches
  • A Touch of Lava Hand & Foot - an indulgent treat for hard working hands and tired feet
  • Note, heat treatments are not suitable for everyone, a consultation will be carried out prior to treatment.

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Facials - 

Neals Yard Remedies

Facial treatments offer soothing relaxation whilst also giving you healthy looking and glowing skin.  

Treat yourself to a mini facial, in which your skin will be deeply cleansed then exfoliated to remove dead skin cells, toned and finally hydrated with serums and moisturisers.  

Or, for a more indulgent and pampering experience choose a luxury facial.  Following a deep cleanse and exfoliation, relax and unwind with a purifying and revitalising face mask.  Then enjoy a tension reducing face, neck and shoulder massage before finishing off with a skin hydrating serum and moisturiser.

For a more holistic approach to balance the body, mind and spirit combine a mini facial treatment with a 20 minute deeply relaxing facial reflexology session.

I use Neal's Yard Remedies organic products and aromatherapy oils in all my facials.  All products will be chosen to suit your 

skin type.

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Indian Head Massage

This massage concentrates on the areas around the head, scalp, face and neck.  It also extends to the shoulders and upper back.  This treatment has been used for 1000's of years with the traditional techniques passed down through the generations in India and the East. 

It provides relief from stress and tension, an improved mood and feelings of wellbeing.  It is an excellent ​treatment to relieve the tension caused by sitting at a desk or driving for long periods.

Your massage will be performed seated and oils are optional.  If no oils are used the massage can be performed fully clothed.  If oils are used a towel will be draped around you to cover your modesty.  The treatment can be adapted to include just the neck and shoulders if preferred or  adjusted to 30mins if short on time.

Alternatively, you can enjoy a deluxe Indian Head, a nourishing coconut oil hair mask is applied & wrapped in a hot towel.  A heated massage shell is then used to warm the neck and shoulder area, before a neck, shoulder and full scalp massage is performed.

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Thai Foot Massage

This therapy uses massage techniques handed down by word of mouth across the generations in Thailand and the East.  

It incorporates elements of Shiatsu, Reflexology, Chinese Massage and Yoga.

The treatment commences with a foot cleanse with heated towels.  I then do a series of hip and leg stretches to bring movement, warmth and blood flow to the limbs before commencing with the foot massage section of the treatment.  A traditional thai massage stick is used to stimulate points on the foot.  The treatment is then concluded with some final stretches.  It is a wonderfully relaxing and reviving treatment.  

It is particularly beneficial for anyone suffering from arthritis in the feet and ankles.  It can increase mobility and reduce stiffness in the joints.  

I will discuss any foot issues with you prior to treatment and adjust the treatment as necessary.

Please wear comfortable clothing to allow for movement during the stretches.

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Tibetan Hand & Arm

The latest addition to my treatment portfolio is Tibetan Hand & Arm Massage.

Drawing on the ancient practice of Ku Nye (Ku - to apply oil and Nye - to massage) from Tibetan traditions, this holistic treatment aims to de-stress, open energy channels and create a feeling of wellbeing.  The treatment commences with a hand & arm cleanse using heated towels before scented oil or balm is applied.  Traditional Tibetan and Eastern massage strokes are used, together with pressure points to stimulate energy flow.  The use of sounds including Tibetan singing bowls and tingsha chimes enhance the therapy by cleansing the air and banishing negative energies.  This is a truly relaxing treat for anyone suffering from repeitive arm or hand strains.  We use our hands constantly during the day but often neglect them. 

Why not combine this 30 min treatment with Thai Foot massage to give those hard working hands & feet a treat.

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To gain maximum benefit from your treatments it is advisable that you drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol and most importantly Relax immediately after your treatment.

Please note that complementary therapies should not be used in place of conventional medical care.  Always consult a GP or other medical professional for medical attention and advice.  

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